How to Join ρσω Splatoon as an Existing ρσω Member!

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How to Join ρσω Splatoon as an Existing ρσω Member!

Post by Kairo on Tue May 12, 2015 2:43 am

Just say that you are in and that's about it!
Please also provide us with your Squidboards username, as we'll be using that forum and our thread over there quite a bit.

Telling Sarger or I as soon as possible will be vital in securing your spot. Even if you aren't sure that you will be getting the game, still tell us!
We will be capping the max for Splatoon somewhere between 10-15, which is significantly lower than our MK limits. Telling us too late may result in you not being able to be in ρσω Splatoon as newcomers have taken your spot.

SPLATOON Squad Info:

-Sarger: Yes, Leader

-Kyle: Yes, Leader

-Isen: Yes, Member

-KDG: Yes, Member

-Matt: ?, Member

-OJoe: Maybe, Member

-Rhys: Yes?, Member

-Liam: ?, Member

-Razor: ?, Member

-Alex: Yes, Member 

-Trey: ?, Member

-Jonas: Yes, Member

Squidboards profile pages have been linked with each member that has an account on that forum.

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